Sunday, 25 May 2014

First Week - Popcorn!

WALT to write an advertisement for popcorn that will convince Mums to buy it at the supermarket for their kids.

This week we focused on the language and format of advertising.  What should a good advertisement include?  How should we set it out?  What is our purpose?  Who is our target audience?

Students looked at models of great persuasive advertisements.  They then drafted their own before creating a good copy on their computer.

The draft writing process:

Here are some of the final outcomes:

Something I realised from reading the above advertisement is that I need to teach my students about copying facts straight off the internet.  And also I need to talk to them about using relevant facts.  Do Mums really want to know this about popcorn?  Will these facts help persuade Mums to buy this product?

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