Thursday, 30 October 2014

Year 2 ALL - We're on! It's all go!

Student voice at the end of 2014.

How did you feel about writing before we starting meeting as a group?
How do you feel about writing now?  Have your feelings about writing changed?
What is one thing you have learned over the last 10 weeks?
What was your favourite piece of writing?  Why was it your favourite?
Do you think you are a good writer? Why/why not?

Do you think your teacher and parents think you are a good writer?  Why/Why not?

Yay!  We have just been approved for our 2nd year of ALL.  After a successful board report and a lot of support and excitement from staff we are on our way!  Bring on 2015 - a year of new beginnings for Literacy at Mokoia Intermediate!

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