Monday, 9 June 2014

My thoughts...

As I am teaching and planning little thoughts (sometimes big) run through my head and as Ruth Foulkes suggested, I need to reflect on these, so here we go.

Jerry - his progress has stood out the most so far.  His writing prior to ALL was very hard to read as it had no structure to it.  His confidence has grown (partly from being "chosen" to be in this special group of writers and also he is more focused and enjoying the more practical, hands on lessons.  It is great to be able to really focus on the students needs in a much smaller group situation.

Callum - This is an interesting one.  He isn't completing as much work as the other boys (mainly becauase he is called out to reading during our writing sessions) but he has developed a passion for writing.  Prior to ALL  he hated writing.  Said it make him cough!  But now he is writing his first novel and works with a buddy to check his work and help him with grammar and spelling etc.

One thing Ruth suggested is that I need to have more urgency with my programme and teaching.  This is something I need to work on.

Ruth Lickfold is such an asset to this programme and my class.  We are working really well together as team teachers of writing.  Discussing ideas, sharing knowledge and planning next steps by looking at the students needs.  I am really enjoying this part of the programme.

I am thinking we may need to start to separate what is happening in class and what is happening with the boys soon as the boys will need to start planning their trip soon.  I think we will plan this for the last week of ALL.  I want to spend some time working on paragraphing and structure for reports as this will help the students with their inquiry work and also in the future when it comes to writing essays etc.

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