Sunday, 22 June 2014

Roller Coaster!

So up and down we go.  Everyday is a mission to try and engage these boys in their writing.  Sometimes it works and they love it and so do I.  But it is so hit and miss.

The writing challenge at the  moment is the boys are writing what is "around the corner....".

I took them over to a corner of our school and told them they couldn't look around the corner because the scariest thing they have ever seen is around there.  I said they needed to plan story of about 5 paragraphs telling me what is around the corner and how they were going to get past.

They were so excited about this at the beginning and their imaginations were flowing, but when it comes to putting the words as a brainstorm they are struggling to stay focused and I am hearing "this is boring!"

I feel like I can't win.  I put a lot of my time into thinking up creative lessons for them.  It's really hard when they don't buy into it.

I have given them options to put their brainstorm on the computer via cube creator which will turn their story into a 3D cube.  Still not focused.  The lack of listening and focus is driving me crazy and then the repeating instructions etc.  I am feeling frustrated!

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