Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Week 1 ALL in P2

I am hoping to make my inquiry this year about not just accelerating a small group of students but my whole class.  I started week 1 by meeting with each of my writing groups and asking them to share their student voice.

The questions I asked were:

Do you like to write? Why/Why not
What is something you would really like to learn to make writing easier for you?
Think of all the pieces of work you have written so far this year.  Which one would be your favouite and why?
Do you think you are a good writer?  Why/Why not?
Do you think your teacher and your parents think you are a good writer?  Why/why not?

Below is an example of what some of my boys had to say.
It is interesting to see the huge range of confidence in writing.  From "I suck" to "I am an awesome writer".  Spelling was something that nearly every student mentioned as something they want to improve so I need to really look at this.  Also hand writing featured quite strongly too.

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