Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Week 2 ALL in P2

This week has been a WONDERFUL week of writing in P2.  My students are engaged and excited and it is rubbing off on me.  I love seeing the students feeling good about their writing.  So many wanted to share their first paragraphs today.

We watched the DREAM CATCHER from the fantasy shed in https://www.literacyshed.com/.  This is such an amazing resource!

After watching the video I told the students that they were going to write a story about the dream catcher coming in to their bedroom, to give them a dream.  However, he trips on something in their room and the egg falls on their favourite book or game.  They have to tell me the story so that it forms a picture in the mind of their reader.  We are going to break down the writing process into small chunks.

Day 1.  The brainstorm/Mind map.  Some students also drew their scene or made a cartoon strip of their story too.

Day 2.  Paragraph 1 - Setting the scene.  Most students did this really well.  A few wrote the whole story in their first paragraph so I spent time with them to fluff out their setting.

Day 3.  Paragraph 3 - The Dream Giver, What do they look like.  How did they get inside?

I am modelling the writing process by writing my own story on the board with the students.
It has been great to see students using a thesauras to look for 'better' words.

My favourite part of this week was when one of my students (who really struggles with writing and finding ideas) said "Mrs Hay! I have the most exciting idea for my story!" 

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