Thursday, 11 June 2015

ALL week 3 and 4

Dream Giver Continued....

Week 3.

Students continued to write their own Dream Giver story.  I was surprised how many students enjoyed this task.  No one disliked it.  I am not sure whether it was the way it was introduced with a video clip and so it make it easy for them to visualise, or if they liked the way the writing process was scaffolded as a class each lesson.  Whatever it was, it worked and I will have to do it more!  Might have to do a reflection on this unit so students can tell me what it was they enjoyed.

As they had already made a plan and worked through the first few paragraphs together, students this week are just finishing off their stories and checking their paragraphs.

Week 4.

Students were expected to be at editing stage now and if they are not they just have to stop where they are and start the editing process as I would like to do this as a class also.  I introduced my self and pair editing rubric to the class.  We went through it together and I explained how I would like them to use it.  Then each student independently edited their story using the rubric and then once finished they asked a friend to edit for them also.

Only once every box was ticked were they allowed to send me their published copy.

I found this process good, i love the editing rubric, but asking students to stop writing stories they were really passionate about back fired I think.  I needed to give them more time to finish these.  I am just aware of the ACCELERATED part of the course.

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