Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Term 2 Assessment

I was really disappointed when I marked my students Term 2 assessment.  I was so proud that their levels had improved in areas we had been working on, but then in areas that had not been our focus some of them went down!
So overall most of the marks have either stayed the same or have gone down and it is just heart breaking to see.  When I spoke to other teachers, they had noticed the same pattern.

My next focus with my group now we have mastered paragraphs is to focus on sentence structure and introduce a little vocab through a new routine of "Word of the Day".  I have found a website which introduces students to a new word each day and gives a definition, an example and synonyms.

I am going to ask students to write this out as their handwriting practice each day when they come in from fitness.  I will also challenge them to use the word correctly in a sentence during the day.  If they can, they will get house points.  My class love a challenge.

In our LCN cluster group we have all decided to focus on Sentence Structure as it is an area we have all noticed is lacking in students  from year 1 through to year 13.  I have begun collecting resources for next term and once I have tried various strategies in my class I will report back to the group on my findings.

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