Sunday, 26 July 2015

What's working for me?

It has been an amazing start to the term in P2.  After 2 terms we are finally able to work independently, which means I am able to work with small groups using the rotation idea I had always planned to use.

Writing in P2 this term looks like:

Spelling Programme - I have introduced a spelling programme to my homework each week that will work on the essential spelling lists and target words that students use in their writing.  As vocab is one of my goals this term we are also introducing a word of the day.

Sentence Structure - During the "Teacher Time" Rotation.  Students work in small groups with me on Sentence structure.  We have begun following the Sheena Cameron Writing Book as a guide and will also chuck other useful resources and activities in to complement those ideas that I have found from other teachers and through  my own research.

Other rotations - Handwriting is a rotation, Independent writing, Practise of skills learnt with the teacher, Blogging, StoryBird and Literacy Shed are a few options we are using.

Current Events - I have added a group activity for students to report for our class Current Events book on a recent event in the news.  They need to present it to a set criteria.

Fun - Class challenges like, Group shared stories, the dictionary game and boggle are a few games I have introduced to help students enjoy their writing and learn new vocab and skills as they go.

An extra little goal I have set for myself is to try to present everything to my class in a digital way.  I send my students a plan each week for the rotations that tells them what to do etc.

  I also am trialing digital modelling books.  I am loving them!  A tidy, instant way to record students work and present new ideas to them.

I am really enjoying working with the smaller groups, rather than the whole class all at once as I was forced to do in the last two terms due to my students being unable to work independently.

This term is exciting!  I look forward to seeing my students progress this term.

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