Monday, 10 August 2015

Things I must reflect on.

The journey so far has been a bumpy one.  Right from the beginning our success in ALL has been hindered by difficulties.  With a late start and constant battles for release, and meetings it has all been rather difficult to make this years efforts a success.  We have pretty much been running around chasing our tails since it began.  We missed the opportunity to have a parents meeting which was one of our main objectives due to the lack of meetings prior to the initiative starting.  Now today we have lost 2 of our team due to their misunderstandings of the project.  I feel I have failed them and the project.

I have found the 2nd year of the project a lot more difficult than the first year.  In the first year I was able to focus entirely on my inquiry with ALL. This year my focus has been divided between my difficult class, our Maths inquiry (which has been a huge undertaking for me - I have really struggled with this and it has really hurt my confidence in teaching maths) and the ALL inquiry.

I have tried to achieve my inquiry in ALL by working with my class in groups. The generally love to write and I have been very impressed with their keen attitudes and their progress.  For our objective of keeping the families informed I have had regular contact with parents via email and during the 3 way conferences.

I have completed 3 marked samples of work for each student so far this year.  However, the results have been very confusing and disappointing.  In areas where we have been focusing the students have mostly done well, but in other areas their marks have gone down as they have been unable to keep their marks and have gone down.  I am wondering if some of my more relaxed ways of testing - as we were trying to mark samples of work the students complete independently so as to not have too many test situations have benefitted my special needs students more than my main stream students who perhaps need a more structured test situation to give their best work.

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